One of the ways to tell a colonial values narrative is the use of, anti name your color.

I’m seeing a resurgence of anti name your color after we in the FB group Global Decolonization Initiative, brought awareness to the harm anti name your color has on collective liberation. We brought such sharp awareness to anti name your color that for a time, anti name your color was not used as often, or in the weaponized ways it once was used to silence voices of color across color lines.

We brought awareness to how the term itself is based in…

“The process of decolonization is a violent, brutal and involuntary act.”

Is not a “goal”.

It is an action, that in reality is the only means to remove all aspects of colonialism from a country that is led by colonial values.

When India extricated herself from Britain, did the peoples shake hands and call it a day?

When Vietnam extricated itself from the French was it peaceful? Was it rainbows and unicorns?

Of course not.

Colonization is nested in capitolism and the removal of one is a threat to the other- hence entilement and domination are promoted to protect colonial values through savvy propaganda and perpetual confirmation bias.


With RESPECT for my ancestors, with my ancestors beside me, I share with you these words.

Many of you know me through lenses filtered through what can be inferred from a computer screen. Some of you know me from the most recent attacks directed to my family’s name as a result from a recent call in of two individuals.

For context, My family lineage can be traced back to the island of Borikén for generations. Every year I go “home” I visit the resting places of my ancestors and thank them for my existence. …

For the past couple of months, the rise of Radical Black Identity Groups is gaining steam.

Radical Black Identity Groups (RBIG) are a swiftly growing movement of lateral violence based contrarians, who are continuing Manifest Destiny, by promoting a false narrative that somehow, African people pre-date First Nations People of Turtle Island, Abya Yala, and the Caribbean.

Of course these narratives fall flat as the main narrative pushed was created by a man named Van Sertima. The narrative itself has no basis in any empirical evidence, scientific data, archaeological evidence, or oral history that can be traced to pre-contact.


I learned something yesterday….

When I share with a white person they can not decolonize on stolen land they get really really fragile and pissed that yet again, another brown azz takes away their new shiny thing…


The process of decolonization is a violent, brutal, and involuntary act. It costs lives and destroys cities. Decolonization is the rematiration of tradition and culture to Indigenous people. Decolonization is the repatriation of land and sovereignty to Indigenous people.

It is not for White people, Black people, or P.O.C. people to do while on stolen land.

Decolonization is for Indigenous people only…

Tanya Rodriguez

Indigenous Activist, Influencer, Humanity Healing Facilitator, Author

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