NATIVES BEWARE #landback is a Trojan Horse.

For the past couple of months, the rise of Radical Black Identity Groups is gaining steam.

Radical Black Identity Groups (RBIG) are a swiftly growing movement of lateral violence based contrarians, who are continuing Manifest Destiny, by promoting a false narrative that somehow, African people pre-date First Nations People of Turtle Island, Abya Yala, and the Caribbean.

Of course these narratives fall flat as the main narrative pushed was created by a man named Van Sertima. The narrative itself has no basis in any empirical evidence, scientific data, archaeological evidence, or oral history that can be traced to pre-contact.

As a result of the recent uprisings, a vacuum has been created providing a space for false narratives to be sown into the fabric of the tattered remains of an uprising in America that saw no effective resolution. As a result, the smouldering spark of the false narrative Van Sertima created and wrote a book about in the 1970’s has caught fire amongst modern African Diasporan Settlers who have glommed onto Van Sertima’s false narrative, citing his book as a reference, and are now using that false evidence to terrorize First Nations People with rhetoric fit for a white supremacist.

When I see a RBIG troll come up pushing Van Sertima’s narrative, I keep in mind a few things.

1. Use of false narratives to push an agenda based in domination and not unity or collective liberation.

The narrative created to erase the First Nations People of Mesoamerica is so that First Nations land is up for grabs. The foundation for such a land grab is veiled as #landback and is being built and fueled by Van Sertima’s false narrative which implies Africans pre-date First Nations People in Mesoamerica. The RBIG, “***afrocentric”, ***”abocentric”, “***hotep” following contrarians, push an agenda based in entitlement to any land that is not ceded or treatied by First Nations People. As a result, there is a nationwide campaign building steam to claim unceded and treatied First Nations land through a network of Radical Black Identity Groups using the judicial system and through force.

AUTHORS NOTE***afrocentric is a term that has been co-opted by ADOS. In it’s original form, Afrocentic focuses on the intersetions of the African identity without bias or exclusion of anyone in the African diaspora.

AUTHORS NOTE***abocentric is a deeply offensive word to the First Nations People of Australia. The word literally reads n….rcentric. Please make a note of it and correct anyone who uses it as a way to promote a false narrative based in ignorance and domination.

AUTHORS NOTE***hotep has been co-opted by ADOS and RBIG through a distored lens based on a book titled “The First Americans were Africans” witten by David Imhotep. Followers of the book and narratives set by the book are called “hotep”. The original meaning of the word Hotep comes from Egypt’s greatest pharaohs, such as Amenhotep I, Amenhotep III, and Amenhotep IV (who later became Akhenaten) and is loosly translated as, “to be at peace”, “I come in peace”, “to be at peace.”

*Narrative correction in ATUTHORS NOTES above brought by Ifo Ikede

2. Radical Black Identity Groups appear to be well funded.

It seems as though every week something new comes up whether it be a cartoon for kids in homeschools that are being taught this kind of propaganda or coloring books that indoctrinate children into Van Sertima’s false narrative. This is from the example the colonial empire has set with a Eurocentric narrative only this time the narrative is Afrocentric and encourages complete erasure of any First Nations People in Mesoamerica.

3. Radical Black Identity Groups are contrarian.

The depth of contrarianism from RBIG’s I am seeing daily, in how lateral violence mixed with old school troll tactics (contrarianism) are used to incite deep division instead of collaboration amongst First Nations People and the African Diaspora Settler community is astounding. The division is created to keep First Nations People under consistent attack and, DISTRACTED from organizing. This mental manipulation creates the very real scenario for First Nations People who are not only under threat of attack from Euro Diaspora Colonizers. First Nations People are now actively under attack by African Diaspora Settlers who are using every inherited method of domination from the Euro Diaspora Colonizers to establish erasure and division.

One of the main manipulative efforts RBIG’s use is telling First Nations People we have to prove to the African Diaspora Settler that Africans do not pre-date First Nations People. Since the theory set out by Van Sertima that First Nations People are predated by Africans in Mesoamerica is proven to be completely false- no proof can be provided to the RBIG (it is rare to see only one person pushing a RBI narrative) resulting in a war of domination and link bombing of false narratives in online conversations. This manipulation tactic is particularly egregious as the silencing and domination are often strategic and inflames unresolved trauma between First Nations People and African Diaspora Settlers.

4. The oppressed play oppression olympics to establish domination.

One of the main things I’ve seen used as an anti-native/anti-indigenous manipulation tactic from RBIG’s is oppression olympics. The abuse of the narrative “my ancestors were slaves”, at any First Nations People in this country is beyond insensitive. It goes to show the deep LACK of real education and the insulation of an Afrocentric narrative based in erasure of First Nations People. While RBIG’s are given the grace to throw around lateral violence amongst anyone of color due to the compassion for the depth of intergenerational trauma, this also results in the use and abuse of Euro Diaspora Colonists contrarian methods. Thus allowing the promotion of false narratives unquestioned, backed up by using tools of domination inherited by Euro Diaspora Colonizers.

5. The use of phenotypes.

You know who used phenotypes to determine ethnicity?

It’s called “Scientific Racism” and it’s a disgusting way to express the indoctrination of domination as taught by Euro Diaspora Colonialists to African Diaspora Settlers, who are now engaged in actively suppressing First Nations People. The methods used on the African Diaspora Settlers by Euro Diaspora Colonizers to create division, are now being used in a collaboration of both diasporas that is sharply targeted to prevent powerful unity between First Nations People and African Diaspora Settlers.

Pro tip- The colonial empire knows that division weakens unity and the less unified we are, the more unified the colonial empire is.

6. Evidence.

There is not one shred of evidence that can be traced from Turtle Island to Africa or from Africa to Turtle Island that would indicate, prove, or imply cross cultural settling that can be traced to pre-contact.

There are no bones that are African in origin that can be traced to pre-contact that have been found in Mesoamerica.
There is no flora or fauna with the same name that can be traced to pre-contact found in any of the two continents.

There are no named land masses with an African name on Turtle Island that can be traced to pre-contact as well as there are no land masses that can be traced to pre-contact in Africa with a name indigenous to Mesoamerica.

There are no insects on Turtle Island with a name that can be traced to Africa pre-contact and there are no insects in Africa with a name that can be traced to Mesoamerica that can be found in Africa that can be traced to pre-contact.
There are no trail names on Turtle Island that can be traced back to Africa pre-contact.
And the same goes in reverse.
Not one thing in Africa can be traced to Mesoamerica pre-contact.
No food names, no plant medicine names, no actual name of anything can be found in either continent that can be traced to pre- contact from either continent.

Which brings me to this.

If all the evidence points to a false narrative, what is up with all the support?

After the fall of Qanon, and the alt-right seeing implosion inside the organization along with faltering interest, the colonial empire took a different tract.

Maintain the division not between the whites and blacks. This time between the Blacks and the First Nations People of Turtle Island and the Caribbean. In that way, division is maintained through distraction from unresolved trauma based infighting. All the while, distracting focus off of the colonial empire’s continuation to implicitly oppress, build irresponsibly, and have the proof of the colonizers credo- “they will do it to themselves” as they sit back and bet high dollar on who’s gonna fire the first live shot of a strategically instigated race war.

The colonial empire doesn’t care if we shoot each other. It keeps them entertained and also free to continue colonizing without being held to account.

When I say this is ramping up to be a major issue- take heed.

Our First Nations communities are organizing at faster and at more cohesive rates than ever before. The African Diaspora Settlers have found a platform to express the imaginings of their ancestors of one day, having a land that is theirs and theirs only and no one can come in or out without their permission (afro-futurism).

The caveat.

In order to do that on stolen land as an African Diaspora Settler, the narrative has to change to create the idea that First Nations people are subservient to the African Diaspora Settler and must acquiesce to whatever any African Diaspora Settler says and if they do not comply, First Nations People are called “anti-black”, “racist”, “prejudiced”, and falsely imply that all First Nations ***enslaved African people. In the same breath, telling First Nations People indigenous to Mesoamerica to get off the land that hold the bones of First Nations ancestors for ten’s of thousands of years. All based on what Van Sertima in the 1970’s falsely said, in a book that has been debunked many times over.

***5 nations out of hundreds actually participated in the slave trade, and are known as the “Five Civilized Tribes”.

Relations, what appears to be developing is not based in unity or collective liberation. RBIG’s are the modern Buffalo Soldiers who will fight tooth and nail to remove all First Nations People with the co- opted moniker #landback as a path to domination. The reality is, this next level war, it’s digitized. And the more we ignore it and hope it will go away, the more it’s gaining steam while being funded by the alt-right (a theory) so that Manifest Destiny can become a visceral reality in 2021. Thus paving the way for a truly black and white society erasing all First Nations People in the process.

Silent no more…it’s time to speak up and out against this next level of erasure, the truth about this takes a quick google search and a willingness to see the root of the narrative. As it’s one of those things that once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Fortunately, there is hope, and the key to healing this level of deception is to fiercely reveal it to bring clarity, and perspective of how deep the colonial wounds are between First Nations People and African Diaspora Settlers, and what needs to happen to heal them as a collective.

Look, I know I will be called all sorts of things for writing this exposé.

It’s all good-

I am a descendant of the Taino Araguaku Nation of the Island of Borinquen. Descendant of the first peoples touched by colonialism in 1492. It is my DUTY to say something and DEFEND the sacred bones living and not, of all our relations in Turtle Island, Abya Yala, the Caribbean, as well as to protect the lost souls of the African Diaspora who have settled on this land though no fault of their own.

“It is our duty to fight, it is our duty to win, we must love and protect each other, and we have nothing to lose but our chains”
-Assata Shakur

>This is a dynamic and developing issue. Edits will be forthcoming as the movement evolves and grows or dissolves.<

Indigenous Activist, Influencer, Humanity Healing Facilitator, Author

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